About Me

Welcome to the home of a Jess-Of-All-Trades.

I am equal parts alchemist, wanna-be wanderer, wordsmith, code wrangler, and visual artist. Here are a few of the projects I have been working on.

13 | 31 Project

The 13| 31 Project had its genesis as a physical exhibit which was displayed at the Riverside Art Museum from July to November of 2016. The physical exhibit consisted of thirty-six journals spanning eighteen years and was divided into three sections: 13, the in-between years, and 31.

This digital version, the 13 | 31 Project has been created in order to extend the audience as well as allow for sharing a wider breadth of the journal entries. It also provides an avenue for reflections and responses to the original recorded journal entries.

Encoded Apparel

Encoded Apparel is committed to improving communication about mental, emotional, and physical health.

We create tools for anyone who is working through–or who supports and cares for individuals who have–mental, physical, or emotional health issues.

We decided to work in this field because of our own personal  trial-and-error experiences of learning to communicate about the complexity of mental health, and it’s relations emotional and physical health.

Our most important message is that communication is the first step to bring healing into our lives.

We create our tools and trainings based on five facets of communication:

  1. Who you are addressing.
  2. Why you choose to address them.
  3. What you want to tell them.
  4. How to help.
  5. Resilience to see the conversation through.

We believe that by developing tools and teaching others to address these five areas, we can improve and simplify–and make less frightening–vulnerable conversations.

Rimoht Consulting & Services

Rimoht Consulting & Services is a business development agency. Our three areas of expertise are creating space for digital and physical interactions with your company’s tribe, telling stories through consistent marketing endeavors, and continuing adventures by providing custom operational solutions.


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