Second Quarter New Year Resolutions

First quarter this year was hijacked by illness, an unexpected move, and life. However, I had quite a few goals for this year. Halfway through January, I decided not to give them up just because life was hectic. I did decide to give myself a new start date. So, it is now a week into the second quarter, and I am ready to get started. Here are my resolutions:


  • Continue to learn better business development. Work on strategy so that my business can scale well, and I have a clear goal.
  • Be a better student. I tend to learn things as I need them. Unfortunately, this can often mean high costs in development and production time as I work in trial-and-error mode. There are lots of areas I need to grow my knowledge, so being a better student to get ahead of the learning curve is a priority.


  • 5.10 is the scale of difficulty for a climbing path that an avid weekend climber can accomplish. This is my goal.
  • Establish better rituals. You might call them habits or routines, I like the word ritual. Mostly, this means establishing good practices in self care. Eating (a healthy) breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Washing my face every night. Creating good rituals that take care of theĀ minuscule things that don’t show their neglect until it’s almost too late.


  • Art…Art. Art, oh art. This includes so many things for me. Writing and finding my voice again. Book binding, journaling, WordPress development and coding. The big goal for the year is to simply do more. Create more. Dive into the process. Feel like I am a creative person again.
  • Jesus. This goal is the most intangible of all. Not because Jesus is out of reach, but because the things I have done for the past 25 years of my life don’t seem to be working any more. Going to church is about the people, not my faith. Tithing is about obedience, not offering. It is just a routine of motions I go through. Something has to change. I want to feel connected with depth of love which I once knew was found in Jesus.

These are the goals, the works that are in progress for the rest of the year, and probably for the rest of my life. What are your works in progress? Let me know in the comments.

Adventure On,


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